Monthly Archives: April 2017

Prattsville Project Updates

What we have completed:

  • Funding for businesses and homes to rebuild
  • A new Main Street with new sidewalks and street lights
  • A new Town Green complete with a children’s Play House
  • Conine Field improvements – a new basketball court and new soccer field with scoreboard
  • Fishing are at Conine Field was rebuilt

What is in process:

  • A Picnic pavilion at Conine Field
  • Walking/Exercise field at Conine Field complete with over 20 exercise stations focused on adults/seniors and disabled and a “ninja” area for those more fit
  • Banners for the street lights to honor the seasons
  • Huntersfield Creek bridge replacement
  • Marketing Website for the Town (hosted by Buy-in-Greene)
  • Regional Health Center
  • Continuation of the streetlights and curbing from the Route 23 bridge to the barrier Dam

What will follow:

  • Route 23 bridge replacement (scheduled for 2018)
  • Town park on the former Briggs site next to the Huntersfield Creek bridge
  • Senior housing and low/moderate income townhouses (an application for funding was submitted to the State)