Prattsville Development Corp (PDC)

Prattsville – “From the middle of nowhere to the center of everything.”

The cornerstone of our vision is to:
• Always remain compassionate, faithful, and caring towards our neighbors.
• Rebuild in a manner that improves the economic prosperity of our town and region.
• Remember our 180 year history of growth and survival.
• Design a town for future generations.

Prattsville focuses on a holistic approach to planning and capacity building; providing health, social services, infrastructure and jobs, that serve and keep safe, all of our residents.

We work to reduce risk and damage from flooding, and ensure our homeowners and businesses can recover quickly.

Our seniors, families and children have many opportunities to enjoy nature, history, art and culture. Prattsville is a mainstay of our strong, resilient and creative mountaintop region where people choose to live, work and play.

2016 Annual Report